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Lots of available trims means the right adventure bike for you probably lies somewhere in this new range

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  • Road Test  

    MARRAKESH, Morocco – Adventure bikes are getting increasingly popular, attracting new riders wooed by the thrill of exploring unpaved roads; and experienced riders who are…

  • Road Test  

    SOLVANG, Calif. — For those not in the know, an adventure touring bike is motorcycling’s answer to the sport-utility vehicle. And, just like an SUV, they come with a wide range…

  • Triumph Tiger.
    Road Test  

    If imitation be truly the sincerest form of flattery, then BMW’s R1200GS should be prepared for some sickeningly sweet tributes of the most fawning variety. BMW has fairly owned…

  • David Booth with a 2011 Triumph Tiger 800.
    Road Test  

    Anstey, England • I made a mistake. I listened to, or more accurately, read, someone else’s opinion. Heeding their advice, I over-rode my initial gut reaction, a difficult…

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